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This four-piece Smooth Grinder and Sifter has such an easy action you will barely notice you are grinding anything at all.

The diamond-shaped teeth inside decimate the herbs within, leaving you with perfectly ground material. Beneath the grinding section is a deep meshed middle-section where the ground herbs fall and the fine grounds make their way through the mesh to the catching plate below.






What is a vaporizer? It’s a device allowing users to inhale the therapeutic essences from organic botanical blends without the drawbacks of smoking. A good vaporizer will give you the best flavor of botanical blends in a pure white mist leaving you breathing easier and feeling better.Vaporbrothers’ exclusive Natrual Mineral™ Heater is the only ceramic heating element custom designed for safe inhalation and tested by independent laboratories. You will enjoy quick warm ups, exceptionally smooth taste, and no toxins from our 100% Pure Ceramic element.How does the vaporizer work with aromatherapy? With the Vaporbrothers’ AromaBulb™ Oil Diffuser, you can safely diffuse many types of aromatherapy essential oils into the room. Aromatherapy oils have been extracted from plants for hundreds of years and used for enhancing mood or providing respiratory relief.